About Jack Riese


Carving an Indian Head

Carving an Indian Head

A tree stump, a chain saw, a ladder and an imagination are the tools of Jack  Riese, chainsaw artist from Massillon, Ohio. From totem poles to eagles, from unicorns to bears in a canoe, Jack can take it from concept to finished sculpture!

Jack began his chainsaw art by making totem poles from telephone poles about 40 years ago. His interest in Native American culture inspired many of his creations. His work caught interest and people began to request his work. His first creations were done by hand. With the addition of a chainsaw in his arsenal, he can complete a piece in about 2 hours.

Fartor over a decade Riese has participated in the Ridgeway world Chain Saw Rendezvous in Ridgeway, Pennsylvania. His chainsaw carved coat rack placed 9th among competitors from around the world. The piece was created from a 10-foot piece of wood. The final piece was a tree with branches and three raccoons.

Jack works with a partner, Pat Holbert, owner of Sugar Ridge Carving.

Contact Jack Riese if you are interested in having a unique work of art made for your property. 330-844-2734 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday only. No Sunday calls please.